Halve your costs

Slash your Telecommunications Costs with IP Telephony!

3CX Phone System not only provides you with many new features to improve customer service and boost productivity, it will also cut your telecoms bill in half and give you the means to communicate with IP Telephony! Your phone bill will be slashed, but so will the cost of buying, expanding and MAINTAINING your PBX .

Halve your Phone Bill

Teleworkers or people working from outside the office can make calls free of charge – saving you significant charges. Connect remote offices by using bridges and all calls between offices are free. International DIDs and IP Telephony allow customers to call you cheaply and increase customer satisfaction.

Connect remote offices with bridges and eliminate interoffice call charges

Teleworkers or traveling sales people make free office calls

Save on monthly call costs using SIP trunks

Leverage WebRTC & reduce 800 number phone bills

3CX console

Scale your PBX Without Breaking the Bank

Traditional PBXs or indeed black box appliances are difficult to scale. Add more extensions and you are hit by licensing costs, underpowered hardware or you run out of ports. Not so with 3CX – add extensions, lines, features at no cost and avoid dreaded PBX replacements!

No per extension licensing

Scale up to thousands of lines and extensions without extra hardware

Stop calling in external consultants

Unified Communications features at no additional cost

Save on Telecom Consultant Bills

No training is required to run the system as it’s Windows-based – unlike Linux based systems which require extensive training to manage and secure.

3CX customers are automatically licensed to hold web meetings

A low six month or yearly cost, offering excellent value for Money

Straight forwarding pricing – no hidden costs

No per User Licensing

3CX Invoice

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